In response to the evolving needs of their internal financial processes, Bonhams 1793, the world’s oldest and largest auction house, engaged Madvit to develop a cutting-edge Accounts Payable Automation Software. The objective was to enhance efficiency and accuracy in managing expenses and accounts within their organization.


The primary goal of the project was to create a tailored solution that would automate and streamline the Accounts Payable processes at Bonhams 1793. This software would empower their internal team to manage expenses more efficiently, ensuring a seamless and error-free financial management system.


The project encompassed the design and development of a specialized Accounts Payable Automation Software, custom-tailored to meet the unique requirements of Bonhams 1793. The scope included features and functionalities aimed at optimizing expense tracking, invoice processing, and overall financial management.

Key Features:

Expense Management: Simplifying and enhancing the tracking of organizational expenses.
Invoice Processing: Automating the handling and processing of invoices for increased efficiency.
Financial Accuracy: Ensuring precision in accounts management through advanced automation.
User-Friendly Interface: Designing an intuitive interface for seamless use by the internal team at Bonhams 1793.


Madvit worked closely with Bonhams 1793 to understand their specific requirements and challenges. The development process involved creating a software solution that aligned seamlessly with the existing workflows while providing automation where needed. Rigorous testing and feedback loops ensured a robust and reliable system.


The successful implementation of the Accounts Payable Automation Software resulted in significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy within Bonhams 1793’s financial processes. The internal team experienced streamlined expense management and reduced manual intervention, leading to enhanced overall productivity.


The collaboration between Bonhams 1793 and Madvit exemplifies the successful development and implementation of a bespoke Accounts Payable Automation Software. This case study showcases how leveraging technology tailored to specific organizational needs can yield tangible improvements in financial management processes for industry leaders like Bonhams 1793.