Madvit was approached by an established client with the aim of developing an online platform for student registration on the existing OpenEMIS system. OpenEMIS, a comprehensive platform developed by Madvit’s experts, incorporates various features such as student management, makers management, examinations management, grades management, and more.


The primary objective of the project was to create a seamless and user-friendly online interface for students to register themselves on the OpenEMIS platform. The platform, already equipped with robust functionalities, facilitates tasks such as generating results, certificates, and various reports including forecast grades and subject-wise mark distribution reports.


The scope of the project involved enhancing the existing OpenEMIS platform to include a dedicated online registration module for students. This addition aimed to streamline the registration process and provide a more efficient and accessible means for users to interact with the platform.

Key Features:

  • Student Management: Efficient tracking and management of student information.
  • Makers Management: Streamlining the management of those responsible for data input and maintenance.
  • Examinations Management: Facilitating the organization and oversight of examinations.
  • Grades Management: Providing tools for effective grading and assessment.
  • Report Generation: Enabling the generation of results, certificates, and insightful reports.


The successful implementation of the online registration module resulted in an improved user experience for students interacting with the OpenEMIS platform. Users now have a dedicated and intuitive interface for registering, complementing the existing array of features for comprehensive education management.


The collaboration between Madvit and the client resulted in the successful enhancement of the OpenEMIS platform, further solidifying its position as a versatile and efficient tool for education management. The addition of the online registration module showcases Madvit’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their clients in the education sector.

Technology Stack: Angular, CakePHP, Laravel, HTML/CSS